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Iroshan Kulatunga – Chairman


Iroshan is one of senior member of  Team|RCMweb and RahulaTV. He’s like a chairman. Because he’s very calm. When he is on a problem, he takes some time to think of a solution and do it creatively and most suitably. Iroshan is well talented in creative designing and web developing. He is self-confident as well. Nevertheless he is strong sense of purpose, seeks ideas. The weakness are he is always stuck with his personal works, time management is zero.

Udith Shan – Plant

Udith is another senior member of  Team|RCMweb and RahulaTV. He’s such a plant though he doesn’t have some weaknesses of a plant. But he has some weaknesses. He is like a plant because of he’s an individualist. He is talented in managing and leading. As well as he got the some aspect of plant such as genius, imaginative and intellectual. There’re some weakness of him. He gets anger when he supports him; He doesn’t like to work together with some people; Udith thinks that he knows everything.

Supun Budhajeewa – Team Worker

Budhajeewa also another senior member of the team. And he’s a sort of team worker, because he can work with anyone. Socially oriented, Rather mild and sensitive. As well as respond well to people and situations, keen on team spirits. This guy lives in a world of technology, he uses the technology perfectly for his day today life. Budhajeewa is well talented in web developing, programming and creative thinking. And he doesn’t think about himself until he finishes his job. The weaknesses of him are indecisive in crisis. And some thing would be failed because he thinks in only a technological mind.

Roshan Ranjith – Company Worker

Roshan is a member of RahulaTV. Very calm person and does the duty  which was told to him well. He is a conservative, dutiful, predictable fellow.  Roshan is talented in videography. Weaknesses of him are lack of flexibility unresponsive to unproven ideas.

Thambaru Wijesekara – Shaper

Thambaru is a task focused leader who abounds in nervous energy, who has a high motivation to archive and for whom winning is the name of the game. he is committed to achieving ends and will ‘shape’ others into archiving the aims of team. He is well talented in creative thing and web developing.  He get s some difficulties wen works with seniors. Thambaru doesn’t have good communication skills. Another weaknesses of him are prone to provocation, irritation an impatient.

Ashan Sanjeewa – Monitor


Ashan is one of  another member of Team|RCMweb and RahulaTV.  He is talented in videography and audio handling. He is fair and logical observer and judges of what is going on. However, he can become excessively cynical, damping enthusiasm for anything without logical grounds, and he has a hard tome inspiring himself to passionate about his work. As well as he’s very anger fellow.

Sithija Sahan – Company Worker


Sithija is another company worker of Team|RCMweb. Although he is a company worker he doesn’t have much typical features of  the company worker. Never work hard. Always he tries to skip the duties which are entrusted to him. He can not work with the social because his communication skills are low. But he’s fluent in programming. He is really like to make new software and applications.

Sameera Senarathne – Completer

The last member of the Team|RCMweb and RahulaTV. He is a some sort of completer. He finishes the work which is given to him at the right time. But he really doesn’t know what are the his talents. He is talented in web designing and programming. Always keeping calm and does his job patiently. He is lack of managing abilities and he won’t start anything without propel of a senior member.

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